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Fabrics are widely used in different industries, so we focus on providing a diverse selection of fabrics to meet the specific needs of various customers.

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China textile fabric manufacturer and textile fabric factory

, we proudly put our customers' needs first. We are well aware of the wide application of fabrics in different industries, so we focus on providing a variety of fabric options to meet the specific needs of various customers. During the production process, we always maintain strict quality control to ensure that every piece of fabric meets high standards.
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Embracing Sustainability

From implementing a range of measures across all levels to sourcing natural, renewable biodegradable or recycled materials, we're committed to minimizing our environmental impact and shaping a more sustainable future.

Focus on Environment Protection

Tianhong takes various actions and measures to protect and maintain the sustainability and healthy state of the natural environment.

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Bamboo Fabric Bring Healthy Life

Bamboo fiber is a fiber derived from bamboo that has many excellent properties that make it a popular sustainable raw material for textiles.

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Relevant Certification

Standards and certification are significant means to show the quality and social responsibility of fabric products. Obtaining these certifications encourages sustainable and ethical production methods and builds the trust of partners and customers in a company.

  • OCS

    Standard for the organic content of textiles and garments.
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  • GOTS

    Standard for the organic and sustainability aspects of textiles.
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  • O-tex100

    International certification system for textiles and leather products.
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  • ISO 9001

    Internationally recognized standard for Quality Management Systems.
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  • GRS

    Certification system for recycled fibers and materials worldwide
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Fabric Research and Development

As a fabric manufacturer, we firmly believe that through continuous efforts and innovation, we can provide customers with high-quality fabrics to help their businesses succeed.

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How May We Be of Service to You?

Brand owner

Salespersons with fabric related expertise who can recommend suitable fabrics according to needs.

Expert research and development staff capable of tailoring textiles to match the specific requirements of the brand.

Multiple certifications to help enhance brand image and brand influence.

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Fabric comes with various technical specifications and detailed product descriptions, providing support for sales to traders.

We continue to offer an extensive product selection and manufacture different textiles tailored to specific usage scenarios and processes as per market demands.

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Fabric wholesaler

A steady supply chain that manages the period between manufacturing and delivery.

The ideal technique for product quality data control.

Efficient and steady supply capabilities, stable quality, reliable delivery, and after-sales service.

All aspects of raw material procurement are controlled. In addition to traceability, we also prioritize the competitive pricing of raw materials.

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Clothing factory

Early stage professional quality data and customer demand certification to meet customers' different requirements for quality and certification.

Provide various professional suggestions based on production or clothing needs, and cooperate with factory development to receive orders.

High degree of cooperation, assisting the factory in receiving orders without affecting the factory's production schedule.

Selection is available in stock, and small-batch customization is also welcome.

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Customers Who Enjoy Our Services

The customers using our services have a close working relationship with us. We establish this bond to understand their needs and feedback, continuously improving our products and services based on their input.

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