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Organic bamboo/polyester jersey fabric

Organic bamboo/polyester jersey fabric


Parameter Care instructions Use MOQ MCQ(KG)
Material Weight(GSM) Width(CM) Yarn
60% viscose derived from organic bamboo 40% polyester 190 183 75D/72F+40S Hand or machine wash,it is recommended to wash separately or with similar colors, and the washing temperature is controlled at 30℃, hang to dry or tumble dry (Customer must confirm with own testing) T-shirt 300 300

Bamboo fiber fabrics and environment

Tianhong is aware that for us, sustainable development concerns not only the effects of the planet on current generations but also the people who currently inhabit it. In order to support a society that is climate-friendly, we will combine efforts to choose apparel and textiles that are fsc-certified.


Viscose Derived From Organically Grown Bamboo
Super Silky Soft
Smooth, soft, and warm, with excellent durability
Moisture Wicking And Breathable
The fiber's unique breathable pores make its breathability 4.5 times greater than cotton, with much higher moisture absorption capabilities.
Extremely fast growth rate 
Natural reproduction into forests without artificial irrigation, fertilizers, or pesticides
Completely biodegradable in nature

Organic bamboo polyester fabric(Viscose Derived From Organically Grown Bamboo)
Polyester enhances the moisture-wicking, sweat absorption, and wrinkle resistance of organic bamboo fabric (viscose derived from organically grown bamboo), enriching its quick-drying performance.
With polyester on the front side while bamboo viscose on the reverse, the fabric provides versatility to meet diverse preferences and needs.

Bamboo viscose is on the reverse side of the fabric, providing a skin-friendly feel and imparting a cooling sensation. The front side features polyester, with options including regular polyester, recycled polyester, or biodegradable polyester, depending on your preference.

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Nantong Tianhong Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

Tianhong Story

As a China Organic bamboo/polyester jersey fabric suppliers and OEM/ODM Organic bamboo/polyester jersey fabric company, we proudly put our customers' needs first. We are well aware of the wide application of fabrics in different industries, so we focus on providing a variety of fabric options to meet the specific needs of various customers. During the production process, we always maintain strict quality control to ensure that every piece of fabric meets high standards.
About us

What Can We Offer?

Based on the high-grade and high-end market, our products meet international standards and are mainly exported to the United States, Europe, South Korea, Southeast Asia, South America and other countries.


Production Capacity

Advanced technology is employed to ensure data control of product materials.
Strict control is implemented at every stage of raw material procurement to ensure traceability.
Prior to production, specialized quality data is certified according to customer requirements to meet various quality and certification demands.


Customization Capability

We have a professional R&D team that can customize fabrics (types, colors, patterns, etc.) according to specific requirements, catering to individualized customer needs.
In response to market demands, we continuously research and develop a wide range of fabrics suitable for various usage scenarios and processes, providing abundant product choices.


Timely Delivery

Fabric communication is completed within 3 days, and sample production is completed within 15 days.
With a stable supply chain, we are able to accurately control production lead times and ensure timely delivery.